I was born a blank canvas and roughly moulded in Colombia, South America, where I first became acquainted with a fascinating microcosm of cultures, and with the life-changing power of art.

Vulture to Cultured - Fanny Mikey
Fanny Mikey, one of the figures that allowed me to believe in the power of the arts

As a teenager, I travelled across the Atlantic, to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Drama with French at the University of Exeter, UK. During my time there I learnt much more about arts and culture than what my degree had to teach me. I was downplayed by my British peers in many instances, a behaviour that I attributed to the fact that I was different to them and perhaps they didn’t know how to behave around me. My response to this was making it my life’s mission to prove to them that despite being culturally distant, that very distance could be the one thing to bring us together…we could take part of a mutual exploration of the world by getting to know each other. My mechanism to doing this: performing arts.

Undergraduate years. Hamletmachine, 2012

Having concluded my Bachelor’s degree I moved to Dubai, UAE; following the love of my life, on one hand, and wanting to broaden my horizons, on the other. My time there opened my eyes to adulthood, through intense working hours, independence, and the responsibilities that come with it. It also presented me with the opportunity to spot the huge potential for artistic and cultural development that there still is in the world…one that goes beyond wealth and concerns people: creating a culture of culture.

Impulsed by this insight and driven by my life-long passion, one and a half years later, I returned to the UK, this time to London, to study a Master of Arts in Arts & Cultural Management at King’s College London. Living at the heart of this cultural melting pot was, by far, one of the most rewarding life experiences I’ve had. There, once again, beyond being submerged in a wonderful academic world, I also worked at Mahogany Opera Group, a small organisation whose purpose is that of making opera accessible to communities that could’ve otherwise felt alienated from the beautiful world of this performing arts strand. Additionally, I had the privilege of participating in Artichoke Trust‘s London Lumiere 2016 and Great Fire 360, and being a cultural critic for Shakespeare 400.  What these experiences had in common was that they taught me to discover the world through the eyes of the people that inhabit it.

Vulture to Cultured - KCL Graduation
Master’s grads from all walks in life, 2017

I graduated from my Master’s degree (and got married!) five months ago. After travelling from one side of the world to the other for seven years, this post is written from a several-month layover in Colombia, which incidentally happened to be my starting point.

Seeing as it’s been such a long time since I was last here, and now that I feel like a foreigner in my own homeland, I found it fitting to find a little comfort in my love for culture. I hope the contents in this blog contribute to your perception of the industry that I love so much, and that eventually, this shapes your life to the extent that it has shaped mine.


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